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BoogiEX is the brainchild of Boogie Booth created specifically to deal with high-end clients, brands, and experiential agencies who are looking for a highly innovative and creative company that can execute the idea and visions they have and need to make happen. Over the past 10 years our team has done thousands of events and dealt with hundreds of different global companies and planners who have extremely high expectations and need a firm who can deliver on what they commit to. BoogiEX was created to focus in on this specific industry and we are damn good at it. We love what we do and are always educating ourselves on the newest trends and technologies to always stay on the cutting edge of the experiential industry. We eat, sleep, drink, and even dream about new ways to create unique and engaging experiences for guests in ways no one has seen or thought of before.


We are excited to meet you and can’t wait to show you what we can do.



Heather Dyer

Sales & Creative Director

Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, Heather naturally fell into place with the company's "good time culture". With a strong background in cybersecurity sales for global companies, she grasps what clients expect, and she delivers. Her expertise in dealing with intricate circumstances allow her to adapt to client obstacles and provide outstanding solutions.

Along with leading the sales department, Heather is the creative drive pushing BoogiEX in innovating and never imitating. Her eye for design, while taking a client's vision and making it into a reality, is her masterpiece.


No matter how wild the idea or difficult an activation might be, Heather brings a clear perspective to the table. She works with clients to create novel and engaging experiences while balancing the client's goals and expectations. Long after the activation is completed, Heather continues a personal interest in assuring future client goals are met, and on-call for future client needs.






Andrew Mauldn

Andrew Mauldin

Founder, Owner, Jokester

Born and raised in South Louisiana, the quest for a good time is baked deep into Andrew's DNA. One could call him an "Ambassador of Fun." Fortunately for his clients, his infectious personality has been adopted into his company culture. 

Andrew's no stranger to wearing many hats from playing college baseball, owning multiple restaurants, selling cybersecurity products to global companies, and (unfortunately for the patients) working in brain surgeries lol. He developed a steadfast work ethic and attention to detail, leading up to nearly 10 years ago when he crashed a friends wedding a saw a photo booth for the first time at an event outside of the mall or movie theater. Andrew quickly fused his entrepreneurial spirit and creative juices and never looked back. From such humble beginnings, he never imagined it taking him across the nation from coast to coast, creating and capturing unique experiences for brands and clients of all types.

Under Andrew's helm, BoogiEX is focused upon staying an industry leader as a pioneer pushing the cutting edge of experiential photography and videography.

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